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RCB-10 (like DU,DU-B,PAP,PAF,PAP10,PAW,KUseries) self-lubricating bushes and autolubrificanti in bronzo, RCB-20 (DX,PAP20)Boundary lubricating bushings(gerollte gleitlager), they are called Roulements professionnelsfabricant de douille et exportateur, roulements auto-lubrifiants d'Oillessd'offre, roulements en bronze, roulements en plastique exempts d'entretien,roulements linéaires, roulements plats, glissant des roulements, buissons enbronze d'agglomération, douille, roulements secs, roulements bimétalliques deBushe, roulements en bronze de la maille PTFE, Professionelle Buchse LagerHersteller und Exporteur, Angebot Oilless selbstschmierende Lager, Bronzelager,wartungsfreie Plastiklager, lineare Lager, normale Lager, Lager, Sinter-Bronzebüsche,Buchse, trockene Lager, bimetallische Bushe Lager, Bronzelager desineinandergreifen-PTFE schiebend, Cuscinettiprofessionali fornitore della boccola ed esportatore, cuscinettiautolubrificanti di Oilless di offerta, cuscinetti Bronze, cuscinetti diplastica liberi di manutenzione, cuscinetti lineari, cuscinetti normali,scorrevoli i cuscinetti, cespugli Bronze di sinterizzazione, boccola,cuscinetti asciutti, cuscinetti bimetallici di Bushe, cuscinetti Bronze dellamaglia PTFE. Rolamentos profissionais fabricante dabucha e exportador, rolamentos Self-Lubricating de Oilless da oferta,rolamentos de bronze, rolamentos plásticos livres da manutenção, rolamentoslineares, rolamentos lisos, deslizando os rolamentos, arbustos de bronze doSinter, bucha, rolamentos secos, rolamentos bimetálicos de Bushe, rolamentos debronze do engranzamento PTFE



 Le BOCCOLE AUTOLUBRIFICANTI di ns. produzione sono ottenute da polveri metalliche della migliore qualità, secondo i metodi della metallurgia delle polveri.

Il CAMPO D’IMPIEGO delle ns. boccole comprende una vasta gamma di applicazioni. Sono particolarmente indispensabili dove non è possibile prevedere una lubrificazione esterna e nei movimenti alternati.

  • RCB-1SS
  • RCB-1D
  • RCB-1P
  • RCB-1T
  • RCB-1S
  • RCB-1B
  • RCB-1W
  • RCB-10
  • RCB-20(DX,PAP20,PCM20,SF-2,BoundaryLubricating Bushings):

    It is made of high quality low-carbon steel (SAE1010or ST-12) Plates, sintered porous bronze as its interlayer, with the compoundof POM& Pb as its surface. And has good load capacity & wear-resistant.It's used in vehicle chassis, forming machine tools, steel metallurgicalmachinery, mineral mountain machinery, hydraulic industry and rolling steelindustry, etc.

  • RCB-2S
  • RCB-2Y
  • RCB-20
  • RCB090(BK090, FBB090,WB802,FB090,MBZ-B09,WrappedBronze Bushings):

    It is made of high density copper (CuSn6.5 orCuSn8)alloy with special formulations, rolled it is made of high quality low-carbonsteel strip, rolled and sintered with lozenge or spherical oil indentations onsurface. It is with high density, good load capacity and wear-resistance. It isused in lifting machinery, construction machinery and mining machinery etc.
  • RCB-80G
  • RCB-90G
  • RCB-92
  • RCB-90
  • RCB-800 (SJ bushing,SY bushing,JF-800,Bi-MetalBearing,Double Bushings):

    It is made of high quality low-carbon steel, and withlead-tin-bronze(CuSn6Zn6Pb3 or CuSn10Pb10) alloy surface. Is sintered severaltimes under high temperature and then stick firmly onto the steel plate. It hashigh fatigue strength, load capacity and shock resistance. It applies con-rodof automobile engines, transmission gear-box, construction & agriculturemachinery etc.
  • RCB-84
  • RCB-83
  • RCB-82
  • RCB-81
  • RCB-80
  • The basement of this product is copperalloy or Bronze alloy. With the high quality roller being arranged orderly incertain angle and density, it is produced by special workmanship. This kind ofproducts is used in punching mold and high-precision machine tools.
  • RCB-FD4
  • RCB-FD3
  • RCB-FD2
  • RCB-FD1
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