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Sintered Bronze Bushings

 Powder Metallurgy Sintered Materials(like BP25) the nomal material is SAE841, MPIF: CT-1000-K26, SINT A50,SINTB50, CuSn6Zn6Pb3

Self Lubricating bearings are used where the bearing is working without lubricant or with marginal lubricant during operation. Our focus is
on ensuring that the bearing gives the best performance and the longest life under various conditions. The working principle of Self-
lubricating bearings is that during the initial run-in period of the bearing, there will be a solid lubricating film created by the transference of a
small amount of material from the bearing layer which is in direct contact between the moving parts and this layer will protect and lubricate
the mating components, thus extending the service life of the bearing and shaft.



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